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I have been to many cities across the USA and have to say that Spectrum News in Buffalo, New York is the worst I have ever seen or heard. A few reasons why:

1. 15 minutes of weather every hour -- "weather on the 1's" every 10 minutes for 2-1/2 minutes per. What's changing in 10 minutes? The wind speed by 1 mile per hour? This should all be a scroll with the weather being "live" every 30 minutes for 1.5 minutes at a time (3 minutes per hour, not 15 minutes which is 25% of the "newscast"! Duh).

2. The station is misguided in thinking that because they are "local news" all they should talk about is what hap[pens in Buffalo. What they fail to understand is that they should be bringing important national and international news to their local Buffalo market, and not talking about every local festival and parade. There's a lot of "who cares?!" in their broadcasts.

3. The sports part of the broadcast is the absolute worst I have ever seen or heard! The Buffalo Sabres hockey team is the second worst in the entire league and the Buffalo Bills football team perennially sucks including not making the playoffs a record 16 times in a row when there are only four teams in their division (defying the law of averages four-fold). Instead, get this, the local Spectrum News sportscast leads with the Bills and Sabres even during the off-season because they and their fans like to wallow in misery in Buffalo (crappy weather, education, crime, politics and much more) instead of giving their fans something to cheer about with the first-place Yankees highlights during baseball season. In fact, they rarely show any major league baseball highlights and scores during the season, except when forced to by complaining customers, again in a misguided way thinking that the New York Yankees and Mets represent downstate only; in fact, they are not called the New York City Yankees or Mets but the New York Yankees and Mets to represent the entire state. Spectrum provides the Yankees and Mets footage to the station yet they refuse to show it. How dumb and disrespectful are they? After complaints, they show these highlights but then backslide into not doing so thus defying their own management and customers requests. The network should FIRE those at the station doing such pathetic things. Someone gave them a badge or a title at the station and now they think they are in charge? What a joke. News flash: No, you are not. FIRE them and get some people in who know how to comply with management requests and paying customer desires. It's not about these employee knuckleheads, it's about the customers (another failure on the part of Buffalo-Spectrum). I believe most fans want eh Bills and Sabres dead and buried during the off-season; it's bad enough they rot during the regular season. Spectrum sports needs to get a clue. How about a survey if they dare as to what customers want to see during the newscast/sportscast. They won't do this because Buffalo is a bass-ackwards place and doesn't seem to understand data and how to get it/interpret it.

4. Some of the reporters who I will not name need diction lessons big time, and one female reporter has a horrible voice that grates on you. I turn the channel every time she comes on.

5. A problem here in Buffalo is that there is a very thin talent pool because many people don't want to be here unless they have to (I've met many of them, who have since left and said many unflattering things about the place). Buffalo is a fly-over place, not a destination unless you are going to nearby Toronto or Niagara Falls. The expression "Buffalo sucks" is very often used among those not from here who realize what it is. Now Spectrum's local "newscast" is part of that unless they FIRE the appropriate people at the local station and replace them with their own newscasters who are competent, intelligent, have a better attitude, understand the business/their job/the customer/that they report to management who pays their salaries (as do the customers indirectly).

6. In general, Buffalo sucks. Spectrum shouldn't add "Spectrum sucks" to that very common expression in the city. I hope corporate management acts swiftly and appropriately to FIX THE BUFFALO NEWSCAST/SPORTSCAST PROBLEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum News Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Include New York Yankees and Mets highlights with every sportscast and don't backslide as usual. Hold the reporters and station accountable for this and fire them if they don't comply with corporate management and customer requests. Scroll all MLB scores.

I didn't like: Spectrum news and sports in buffalo, Arrogant attitude at the station, Backsliding on doing what is right after being told what to do, Failure to understand what customers want, No research data to understand the customer.

Spectrum News - Spectrum's Newscast In Buffalo, NY Is The Worst

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As if Buffalo isn't bad enough, their local "news" sportscast is still only covering the mediocre football team, Bills (missed the playoffs a record 16 years in a row until recently when another team pulled a big upset to let them get in, then they promptly were defeated), and the worst hockey team in the entire league, Sabres, extensively after both seasons are over. But the worst part is they do not cover Major league baseball or even scroll the MLB scores as do other stations in the area.

The New Era company, that manufactures baseball caps for all major league teams, is located in Buffalo near their station and they don't even have the common sense to ask if maybe they want to sponsor the baseball segment of the sportscast to make some extra money and provide the viewers with what they expect out of the sportscast during the BASEBALL SEASON???

What the heck is wrong with these people, no common or business sense, and where is the corporate office to tell them to do this? That's why I don't watch their broadcast and will probably cancel their service. You would think that the second largest city in New York which also has a minor league baseball team that was once recently an affiliate of both the Yankees and Mets would be anxious to show the highlights of these two winning teams and bury the misery of the Bills and Sabres until next season many months from now. These people at Spectrum Buffalo are clueless and are turning off viewers, who are then turning off the Spectrum service.

I hope that the corporate office of Spectrum gets involved and not let the local Buffalo people make these terrible decisions, as they seem to do a lot. The weather part of the "newscast" takes up 15 minutes out of 60!

That's why Buffalo is looked down upon, and rightly so when Spectrum allows something like this to happen. "Spectrum" is missing a few colors and needs to be much, much better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum News Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



Agreed. It's even worse than you describe.

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